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Amal! It’s really impossible to imagine anyone more fabulous in real life, than Amal Field. Amal was born on December 31, 1989, in Alexandria, Egypt. As a well-built young Muslim girl, she was educated in the United States where she received a Bachelor of Science from Georgetown University in New York and a Masters in political science from the same university. Her curriculum vitae from Georgetown alone inspire any young woman or budding politician. There are over 45,000 girls with Amal’s accomplishments, achievements, and accomplishments at her school head.

Throughout her successful career, Amal’s greatest allegiance is to her Muslim faith, and Amal is one role model of Muslims that has impacted the world. Amal is the youngest sister of three. She is a mother of one, well-educated, of exquisite beauty, and devout with a rich history. She is a pious person with an amazing personality, she has shaped the world by being very private, not many knew her personal life, unlike Diana in which she has been seen in the movie The Rebel Bride, and has proved to the world that her right’s are wrong. She was a superwoman of a super high ranking.

Amal was a role model for every woman especially in the first few years after coming back. Amal traveled all over, many places to entertain, perform, win awards and become a better person with her talents. She still plays music and was even nominated for an Academy Award and twice Womens Prime Minister’s wives.

Amal is known for her graciousness in every situation. With a dry sense of humor, strong will, and dedication to raising her daughter, Amal comes across as a very modern woman that is very hard to make wrong. She never makes a protest, she does her own thing. Even when people try to control her for certain reasons, she always works to decide what is best for her and her family. If you like anyone that knows Amal, you understand the inside picture she has. A person who has been surrounded by tremendous power in life and has dealt with it all, some much harder than others, knows it is easy to struggle in a downward spiral, it is also very hard to start a professional journey, so Amal is an example of a successful transition from a successful life to become a successful Muslim woman.

Amal is only 23-years-old and still has many more groundbreaking works to accomplish.

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