How to tame giants How to befriend giants

Taming or befriending giants is, unfortunately, a fictional concept as giants do not exist in the real world. However, if you’re interested in exploring this idea in the context of storytelling, fantasy, or role-playing games, here are some imaginative ways to approach it:

Understanding Giants:

In your fictional world, giants could be depicted as intelligent beings with their own culture and society. To befriend or tame them, characters in your story should first seek to understand their behavior, motivations, and language. This understanding can help in establishing communication and building trust.

Showing Respect:

If giants are portrayed as sentient beings, characters in your story can gain their trust and friendship by showing respect for their customs and beliefs. Demonstrating kindness, empathy, and genuine interest in their well-being can help bridge the gap between the two species.

Solving Common Problems:

Giants may have challenges or conflicts that they face within their community or with other creatures. Characters can come to their aid and help resolve these issues, earning the giants’ gratitude and friendship in return.



Just like in human cultures, gift-giving can be a way to establish a positive relationship. Thoughtful and meaningful gifts could be offered to the giants, symbolizing goodwill and friendship.

Shared Adventures:

Collaborating on a common quest or mission can foster camaraderie and trust. Facing challenges together can create strong bonds between characters and giants, leading to friendship.

Proving Worthiness:

Giants might have a set of criteria to assess the worthiness of outsiders. Characters in your story could undergo tests or challenges to demonstrate their value as potential friends or allies.

Learning Their Ways:

Characters can learn the giants’ ways, such as their language, traditions, and customs, to show their genuine interest in assimilating into the giant community.

Remember, these are all fictional and imaginative ideas for storytelling purposes. Real-world giants, as depicted in mythology and folklore, are creatures of fantasy and should not be taken literally. But in the realm of imagination, there are endless possibilities for creating captivating stories involving giants and interactions with other characters.


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