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jinnat kabu karne ka tarika

There are two types of jinn. One is a jinn who makes you feel bad.

If you want to subjugate any jinn, then you want to accomplish every task with the help of jinn.

Hazrat Sulaiman also reigned over the country for 40 years. In his reign, there was never a shortage of sayings, or he thought that his work would be done. ko kabu kar rakeha the.isliye tabhi unke raj me kisi bhi chej ki dikkat nahi aarhi .

This wazifa will help you if you are facing any problems with Hamzad. Also, this wazifa will help you to control Hamzad. The method or benefits of Hamzad control.

If you speak to the jinn but your jinn gets angry or you start doing something of your own free will, then you have to pay the wazifa to jinn as wu jinn in your ji jinn.

If you do not understand whether you should stay with your beloved or not, then you can know by praying Istikhara.

Therefore, the wazifa will not only kill the jinns but will also obey your orders, with which you can do all the things you want. What you want to do in life but can’t.

Nowadays, the Jadas are the ones who trouble you. Because today our believing brothers or the Jadas get lost from the mosque in the bazaar. There are no sacred places.

You should do your dua daily, which will give you a good idea of the correct way to make dua, or else your dua will make your every work a period or it will be useful in every work you do.

It is important to do the duty of subduing those believing brothers or sisters. So that the Jinn who is hurting them, is the same Jinn who will do everything good for them. They cannot do the work by working for them.

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