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jinnat ki hazri ka amal

How to avoid jinn from the Holy Qur’an, “Allah has not made man the greatest and the most powerful (Ashraf al-Makhluqat) in Islam, something like this has been told, if they are followed, even the nose will be good.” Pacha Sakti.In Cheezo Se Bachkar Jinnato Se Bacha Ja Sakta Hai.
(1) Always be pure and clean, i.e. whenever there is a need for ghusl, take faran ghusluk, because the jinn on an impure person becomes very fast.
(2) A woman applying perfume or keeping her hair open or the curtain not springing because seeing a woman in this way, the jinn gets very angry. And puts it on more than a man. Just as a man falls in love with a woman, he also becomes a giant, and some giants also commit adultery with girls.
(3) Let children and animals take their time inside the house at sunset (when the sun is about to set).
(4) Whenever he goes to the toilet, he should recite this dua
(5) Toilets shall always be kept upside down.
(6) When the Bihar comes out of the toilet, the straight pair should come out first and then say (Ghafra Naak, Alhamdulillah Hil Lazi Azhab Anil Izza Wafani).
(7) Never urinate in the open air of the house, do not urinate in the path of any giant (tree), do not urinate on the belt, do not urinate in any bill, do not urinate on a place with dhal, dung, or Kandowya. Do not urinate on the fence and before urinating say this 3 times that someone who is a friend should move away. Always pass urine. (Learned leaves, Hadi, and dung are said to be Janata, it is said to avoid urinating on it, under the bush, and on the bill, it is said that it can be their abode.
(8) Whenever you are traveling late at night or you are in a certain place, recite Al-Hamd Sharif, Al-Lam Meem, Ayat Al-Kursi, and Charu Qal and take something like this around you.
(9) Every night before going to bed, recite Al-Hamd Sharif, Al-Laam Meem, Ayat-ul-Kursi, and Charo-Qul and breathe on your forehead and take something like this around you.
(10) Perform ablution as often as possible and perform ablution even while sleeping.
(11) Whenever he has sexual intercourse with his wife, he should recite this dua (Allah Hum Janb Nash She Tana was Janbish Shaitan Ma Raziq Tani Naseeba). If the prayer is not recited, then it is possible that some jinn will associate with you and your wife and you will not even know.
(12) Do not spit from the window but into the basin or even the place where you spit, do not spit the dirty thing from the house, but put it in the garbage can avoid the jinn, but still, if someone If the gin lags, either directly in the body, it seems to be older than age hai. Because of a good perfect for him. If he sees this quality in the world, he knows it only through the verse of the Qur’an or the way of Islam. Do not take him to a soothsayer (Aghuri), or to a sorcerer, for to do so is to risk apostasy from Islam. And such people take the help of the big devil and the little devils (jinns) come out, so they avoid them.

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