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jinnat ki hazri ka tarika

Find a place that is a place of jinn or find a dark tree wherever you are fascinated by jinn.
There are many trees, such as the Kikar Emily Peepal, which are old trees that are believed to be home to jinn.
And no one will tell the general and will not find it in any book
Handling later is not difficult. Question: The jinn who will tell you the syrup will have to be bound in all circumstances.
I have a friend, Imran, who is fond of Amaliat. He got into debt for some reason and became a victim of problems. One day he came to me and asked for some spiritual help. Ijazat to Deskta Hun Phir Bhi Kamyab Nahi Ho Saktay. Q K Zahan Me Eksui Ki Daulat had returned, which is the first condition of Amal, then I told her this Amal, which was the grace of the next writer Han Allah and succeeded. Amal 40 The day was 40 days and he kept doing it continuously, but no effect appeared. After some time, an old woman came to him and said. Son, I am hungry, I want to eat in my boki. Nothing, where do you play..? In your pocket, I said
From 140 rupees to 10 rupees.
Use 10 rupees not Imran. Daya
If you say, you are in a lot of trouble, go and put as many rupees as you want on Phulan’s number. Your whole situation will be solved.
Where has the woman gone in such a long time?

If you tell me, it is not good for you. I will support you in every way. You will not have any money or any problem. I will do everything for you.
Forgetting. The next day he found a bag full of one rupee [begging] by his bed.
He found it. He hid it and paid all the debt. There were new things in the house. When his wife did not see that he does not do anything and where does he get all this money? Air and She went to her home after crying. A few days later, when Imran went to take him back, he told him, “If I tell you the secret, then yes, no.” His life is in danger and then he said that there is a jinn behind him who is my friend. When his Bibi and Wu came home, they are not jinn.
When there was a lot of commotion in the house and the logs were collected, a boy came to call the waves, then I realized everything was true.
When I reached the vehicle, he greeted me.
Bad also did not believe. Bad Wu Jin agreed and said that if he ever smokes this cigarette, I will come again and I will not go to take his life. Then why he (Imran) has served me for 40 days, in return, when his daughter gets married, then I will come in any form and think. After a few days, Imran will be fine. And in the end surf 140 rupees baby. Today Imran left our village and I am left in a city.
The friendly compilations of Jin and Imran have been going on for almost a month. Meanwhile, Imran Baba
Nam Say Mas’hur Hogaya Tha.Marij Ya Sael Ko Dekhtay Hi Bhai saheb Uska Poora Haal Bata Detay Thay.
This is a true story and I wrote it for you all
It is good to know that these amals are easy to cut and difficult to handle.
If you don’t complete the short cut, you will face a dangerous naat…?

Now writing Amal recipe…

If you find a place or a tree near Amal, go there at the appointed time every day and bring with you Uttar Rose, cigarettes and incense, roses.
Take the flowers. Light a cigarette there and place it next to the standing rattle.
Accept my gift of friendship for you and become my friend for the sake of Prophet Hazrat Sulaiman (peace be upon him).
Then they left. Now they kept these things every day and left

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