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jinnat ki hazri ka tarika

  1. Where there are doers there should not be imaged because angels do not come where there are images. Or don’t even have a dog in the house.
  2. If you don’t want to see someone or someone in your room, take off your toilet and put it in another room.
  3. There should be no musical instrument (music) of any kind.
  4. No man should sleep or have sex with a woman which is not allowed in Islam.
  5. If the marriage is larky, then the first thing to do is to wear a hijab. Or non-male (non-mahram) should not be in the room.
  6. Say, Aba Allah, let us all pray together, “First of all praise and praise of Allah, then send salutations upon Hazrat Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.”
  7. Smell the room like incense.
  8. To give charity as per Tawfiq, even if it is only one egg. Start the charity directly on the shoulder or finish it directly on the shoulder. 7 days or two eggs, kill a poor person on the ground, or eat a day’s worth of cabbage. Fada has come as the charity eats up etc.
    sadqay 2 karnay hain ek marez ke liye or dosra jo Amal kar rahay hai on sab k leye ek he sadqa karain.
  9. Sabba wazahun. An old person or 4 people who are on the Holy Quran will go to read some surahs, Aga Anki Zarroor Pare Gi, or 2-3 people to cook the patient. Those who are not old enough to keep repeating the name of Allah “Ya Qaharu” or keep calling Mary?
  10. All the people who are supplicating are like this: raise your hands or recite Surah Al-Ikhlas, Surah Falaq, and Surah Nas one at a time, or put your hand over the body of the poor person, or 3 times like this. It is also important to protect yourself.
  11. Praying with Bismillah, pray to the hands and feet of the patient.
  12. The operator should keep his hand next to the patient. As long as your hands are not gone, this one who is called his body will not be able to get out. Don’t let him run away.

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