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jinnat ko dekhne ka tarika

A lot of logs are eager to process. Wu wants to see the giants with his own eyes, to talk to them, to be naked and befriend them. But they do not succeed in poverty because their actions are not correct. If you also want to speak and see the giants, then you can speak to the giants in Hindi. When you pray to summon the jinn, they will surely appear before you.

But all people know that if they live with a giant, then they will prove to be their true and good friends and will accompany them to their work and home. Ha, the giants help you in every possible way. But you have to remember that the process of calling the giants, the wazifa, must be done right at once. And most importantly, you cannot do it without honor. There should be an intention to call the jinn, without an intention, if you speak to them, they become Naz.

If you do not know the meaning of Jannat or if you want to save the name for the first time, then it is better to ask a scholar or a cleric to do it for you. Wu log is tajurbekar and the act of seeing the jinn is heaven if done right. Wu can also tame them.

There are many purposes for speaking jinn, so it is better that you know your purpose in advance. You have to keep your thoughts good and talk to the serfs and serfs with good intentions. In Urdu and if you want to speak to them yourself, the way to speak to the giants is given in Urdu. If you do it right, your process will be successful without any trouble.

Shoro Amal at 11:00 PM on Navchandi Jamrat
He should be clean, wear clean clothes, put on perfume, and perform Amal.
Take the loban net and fence it.
First, read Durood Sharif 3 times.
Fur 300 times Surah Jinn.
If you are seen sleeping in the middle, then do not have the courage at all.
At the end read Durood Sharif 3 times again.
You will see that giant will appear before you.
Answer their greetings.
We will keep something short with you that you will not accept.
And then Wu will agree to help you.
May Allah (SWT) be grateful for the word and may he rise again with a miracle from the jinn.
Baz Log makes a noise about how to call the giants but gets scared in the middle. So it is better that you get it done by a good Islamic cleric. You will not have any fear or fear and your actions will be done in the dark. So, after thinking about something and being worried, you should talk to the Islamic cleric today and see the jinn in front of your eyes. It is a different experience.

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