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jinnat ko kabu karna

Method and Amal of Encapsulating Jinn, “Since ancient times, encapsulating jinn has been used to fulfill every wish. Today, many people resort to jinn to get their work done. Among them, is divorce. Hoti is the power to fulfill your every task. Every human being has his own desires or dreams. He spends his whole life to fulfill them, the method and process of subduing them, the jinns. No, they become themselves. Some people like to see jinns, some people like to be friends with jinns. When jinns are in their presence, they ask many questions and answers to jinns.

Some log amals do it themselves to make them speak. Some people go to Amal like us and get their work done. Let us tell you that when a single Vyakti performs the act of jinns in a bow, it causes a lot of trouble or trouble, and when you do it in the mood of an amal, there is no trouble. Today we are going to tell you the method or process of making jinn in kabu for free. After doing which you want to see or tell the jinn.

The process of ginning:
Many sages first go into the forest for 71 days to tame the jinns. But you don’t have to do that today. All you can surf in one day in Cabo. All those who have the process of winning are perfected by means of eloquence. Like talking to jinn, befriending jinn, attending jinn, or taming jinn. A lot of parishioners love to join us and it’s nice to be able to do it. Controlling something like Jinn or Hamzad is a very difficult task, but when we help you control your Jinn, it will become easy for you.

One day before performing the action, one should pray his Jalali or Jamali.
Finding a place of your own where there is water (aka Samandhar) is something you have to do.
You have to buy 4 things from the market, fragrant incense, 2 rose flowers, a cigarette or a perfume.
Be clean and perform ablution.
Now you have to go to the sea and place 2 flowers, after that, you have to spray perfume on these flowers, after that you have to light a cigarette.
After that, say to the jinn in a very loud voice that you accept this gift of mine.
The process taken from Maulviji is to be recited 41 times.
After the Amal was completed, you came home without looking back.
How to make gin:
Have you tried to kill the jinns, but we have not been successful? I have seen many of my jinns through the act of slaying them, but the presence of the jinns has not been possible. It is not a child’s work to tame them. Your heart must be very strong to subdue the jinns.

If you want to tame your Jinn in one day, you have to follow the procedure correctly. The process is for one day, after which you will fulfill your wish. If you don’t understand something, you must talk to our Maulviji once. They will help you solve your most pressing problems.

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