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jinnat ko kabu karne ka asan amal

Can Amal face a lot of trouble and trouble? As Kyuki does so, Kai Marhalo is met with a huge and terrifying attack. Therefore, Amali continues to be a Nadar, possessing the faith of God, and his reward is that nothing or anything can harm any brother or sister, whatever happens. It happens by the command and will of Allah.

Amal’s method is to build a fence and a fence of a holy place in a deserted place. Burn the Luban and agarbatti with fragrance, after the Nawaz of Insha 7 times Sir: Jinn and 140 times Sir: Muzamil Sharif. Blessings be upon you for the victory in Suroo and Bad. This process is to be done for 40 days. After practicing for 40 days in a row, the effect of jinn is gone.

It is not possible to know whether there is any co-morbidity or the influence of jinns in the naked body of a person. We are writing a perfect date to get his tick PTA. Which can be obtained by jinns. We also get to see the influence of the thirteen jinns on the wicked.
The special factor for subduing the jinn is, “There is no great difference between the jinn and the jinn. Jinbhat Salo can also be Jinda. People who only eat food are thirsty. And everything works. Today I am going to tell you the process of making jinn in kabu. You can do the process of taming the jinns. The process of taming the jinn requires courage and maturity within Amali. Be of him and adhere to the full letter of Shariat.

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