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jinnat se dosti karne ka tarika

They want this for the longest time in the world when they have a positive attitude. Then such a friend should be with you. Which is the door to their positivity. And for them to spring from the time of music. When a good friend is with you, all your worries can be put away. That is why Kai-log wants to make the giants his friends. Whenever any problem comes in front of them, the jinn ends their problem. Therefore, they keep looking for an easy way to befriend the giants. But they do not get any easy work. Which he leaves disappointed.

Only a Nike friend can understand the intricacies of the Apk. He can know your heart. Therefore, a good friend is very important in life. Today we are going to tell you about the oldest and best practice of befriending giants. You will find a lot of history of befriending giants and pinning them in the book. But Wu Amal is very difficult. Whom even big amal can’t do. The process of giants should always be small and simple. You don’t have to face any difficulty in doing so.

When a person stops living his life. Everyone wants to make human giants their friends. If a cleric tells you the 3-day practice of jinn, there are some people who give up on the 1-day practice. Wu thinks that the giants will never be their friends. Or else one starts having a big wrong idea of ​​Maulviji. There are rich and poor giants living in the star giants of humans. If you want to make rich giants your friend, you can do one simple thing.

It is not easy to call giants your friend. Uske liye bahut mehnat karni padti hai. Shaktishali things are never easy to find. Janat Jitni will be older. Uske andar utna en jyda knowege hogi. We will understand everything you say. It will complete all your work without you anywhere. When you have a positive coming. We will stop the problems before they come. Because we will give you the process of making giants your friends. No one would have given you this process till today. Nor would Wu Amal have ever seen it in a book or on the Internet.

When the jinns are present, then you should talk about making friends with your jinns. Saying to the giants, with the help of the giants, Surf Jaycee wants to work on the caravan. This is what NHI has to say to his giants. By talking like this, the giants will get angry. By listening to the slave, the giants will disappear from your mind. And will go to his world.

How do giants become friends?
Some people think, how can giants become friends? Do you want to befriend giants? Do you want giants to be your friends? Now your wait is over. We get mails and calls from a lot of people. Wu Aksar asks us why we should befriend the giants. What can he do by making giants his friends? All these questions people put before us. Some people waste their time and money with fake clerics or agents in the process of befriending jinn.

It is very important to expose the giants before making them your friends. The book does not become normal after a few days of implementation. One has to go to the world of Uske Liye Bahut Sal Tak Amliyat. Every little thing should be known about Amal. How kind of hot are the giants? It is very important to know everything. After Amal, when the jinn becomes your friend, then after that you have to speak in a difficult time, you can talk to your friend i.e. jinn. Janat will tell you how to be present in your time of trouble and in front of you.

Heaven will be present only when Allah is pleased. Or you should follow it for 4 months. Giants cannot be friends with AP. That is why Allah must be remembered before doing Amal Shoor. After befriending the giants you don’t have to look for any of your humans, you have the giants. You have to always control your tongue.

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