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Even though Master Agni Balaram is from Shirdi in Gujarat, when it comes to the actual rituals, he is Indian. Bollywood fans will remember him as the gangster and mentor of Shah Rukh Khan. Master Agni Balaram is now preparing to “HIT his Grand Master’s 50 year silver anniversary in Mumbai!” What is the most important thing about the master, how he manages to defy death, and how he influences his followers?

We’ll let you decide.

Master Agni Balaram has a strong association with Gujarat. The golden temple of Ayodhya is his chosen place of worship and the temple at Shirdi is the perfect place for becoming a virtuous man!

The temple of Ayodhya is a beautiful place of worship. While he has many ideas and ideas, he wishes to follow a simple life and stay away from sound systems and fashion shows.

Master Agni Balaram, along with his loyal followers, has done something that usually takes centuries to become a legend. The completion of the statue of Lord Shiva will take about 25 years. The spiritual master loves the rituals of taking a bath and loves singing and dancing along with his rituals. It would take about 30 years for Master Agni Balaram to complete the work at Ayodhya temple.

In his lifetime, the master is fast approaching the first fifty years milestone and before that, we have to make sure that we fully carry the good work we have done till now. If you want to finish everything in one month, well, you have to start practicing everything from today!

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