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mokal ko kabu karne ka amal

Observe Ihram on New Chandi Jamarat and use the star which you will observe in the seven in the act of waiting for incense. Parhez Tark Haiwaniyat Jalali Jamali Zaroor Kare. Recite Bismillah 5000 times for the first 10 days and 4000 times for the second 10 days. Recite 3000 times in the third 10 days and 500 times in the last 10 days. Inshallah 40 days my client will be present.

This amulet is small and very simple but so powerful that you will see it with your own eyes when you do it. Bepanaah Quwwat Hai is Amal Me. Will the doer of Amal have the presence of a client (angel)? Who solves all your problems by God’s will? Whoever wants to act, take Ijaz from Maulana Anwarji on WhatsApp. Ijazat Se Amal Me Barkat Aur Taqat Paida Hoti Hai. We have an honor shirt for Amal. Don’t show respect. Follow the Tariq of Hazrat. God willing, success will be achieved.
Before doing Amal, some good habits are necessary. To do Amal, you need a place where no one will divide you, or a place where no one is busy, or an open room in the house…
How to get the client to do Amal:

First of all, he recites the verses on theft, or makes us make a circle in our arms by theft…
Let him sit inside your enclosure and place a loban net on your bed or a fragrant flower in your bosom…
Uske bad sarah-jin 40 times padhe bina ruke esa hi amal lagatar 21 din tak kare.
Or remember that it is necessary to do this action at the same time or at one time.
21 Way Day Jinn will appear in front of you at the same time, use balloons to greet him….
Or say your work in bra.

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