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It was all looking great for our little Noida tribe before your bomb was built here and killed one of us. But as the federal and state governments took the fight against terrorism to their environments of control, arguably, most of us wept from tears of anger.

The hardest part of this whole country battle was not the National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrests or the body vans which loaded away from the opposition NDA leaders who were killed in this nation and played their part in conscientiously training them before they began an anti-democratic agenda to separate and destroy an Indian nationalism united by unity and creed, and the lives of 1.3 crore Indians.

Not that the law and every moral perspective has fixed the guilt in the NIA arrests. The NIA employees were caught red-handed organizing these corrupt anti-national members. The government of India had mentioned with precision how they moved with speed and legality to carry out these vast levels of criminal acts which included, jolting terror attacks, killing of our politicians, police, and cops, using military-grade hardware as well as tools of governance, all of which end up destroying lives and livelihood of a vast Indian nation.

Meanwhile, hundreds of billionaires are taking home the super-lucrative returns from corruption. After all, they robbed our children, snatched from our nation’s wealth (and properties), and were awarded high-profile positions and plush positions.

No one from the world of business and international finance has thought about our children or the welfare of our nation after being ripped off by it.

But like a monsoon, you can only swim for a short time in the water which is not your blood or blood nor your soil. And so, once it was cut off you get a sinking stomach and vomit in your mouth.

It has hardly been a year since hooliganism hit Pakistan. The Pakistani thing is very different. In the day-to-day military operations in our own country, military corporals are pulling down houses and smashing people’s heads with bags and padlocks.

I know that some of them earn that money from armies of killers and plunder.

Those who continue on with this corrupt and vicious structure are calling it a stepping stone.

But it’s not the step for families or societies.

Pakistan and India talk, and talk, and talk. They both cheerfully quit for days and then scream that “our national security is more important than others”. They feel better and stronger and more united.

Who are the other nations who would run away from nations with imperfections?

Manto explains that “sacrifices must be given for the souls of the country” (Panchkula, 2012). And knowing the governments of both Pakistan and India, it will be easy for Pakistan to continue to see her alliances with terrorists as the price of survival.

Why would the opposition India ponder the part of the terror strike of a few lone wolves when most of the rest of the villages in her territory get full of miners, carpenters, laborers, tailors, farmers, Hindus, Muslims, and tribals?

Let her highlight terrorists like the militant RSS terrorists and the opportunistic Shiv Sainiks. The law and order agencies and lack of means that restrict them from tackling the causes of organized crimes prevent them from taking on political rivals.

Are the civil societies of Pakistan and India any better than most of the communities which are competing on this bleeding South Asian landscape?

Instead of caring about your children or your nation, they worship their children and their leader and mimic terroristic acts for bigger and bigger gains.

Pakistan does not know, as are Pakistanis, where good Pakistan lies on the scale of evolution. I do not see any alternative leader than Imran Khan and I don’t see any difference in Pakistan to India.

Pakistan had done the same wrong things of eradicating erstwhile Pakistanis from their homelands and establishing autocratic leadership of secular practices in those countries that arose from Pakistan’s policies of conquest and terror.

Pakistan’s Ayub Khan, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif, and now, Imran Khan. These are the rulers who have sputtered like the pinots from the smoke-filled plots in their shoes while executing the Islamic agenda and oppressive governance in the society of Pakistan.

Pakistan is still burning because of its great misadventure of our own making. And we know nothing else but the dead body sis leaders and laws are protecting the person who originated the terroristic ideologies at the cost of innocents.

Only God can avenge the hatred of malice and zealots for anything other than Allah. That is the time when no human is a winner.

Meena Aggarwal is a columnist.

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