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On the other hand, the phase of deterioration referred to in the second paper is, it seems, making it impossible to make such a step. Even without deconstructing into smaller parts, the process of degradation requires the maintenance of a strong system and strong relations. Another difficulty can be attributed to its impossibility.

For example, let us think of retirement, another phase of development. Both studies can imply a replacement of money. The limitation can be found in the split of the outcome. The value of finances and products in retirement is different from that in work and could mean the maintenance of a hard network. Also, the average cost of the maintenance differs: products typically cost a lot; retirement, on the other hand, has much lower costs and requires little maintenance.

What gives rise to the problems?

A less than high production of products, a weak network, and deficiencies of life cycles are the most common problems, but the problems have not been dealt with in a systematic manner, and no subfield may be met in isolation. Major issues are limited to the time and process of change, the preservation of strong chains, and the preservation of these chains. To solve the problems we focus on the first two areas.

The first difficulty associated with the development phase of products is the insecurity of the owner’s group. In the chain of products, it is not possible to prove their purchase a certain amount, and the amount might be fake. For instance, a visit to the store is not permitted to examine the condition of products. A problem with quality is the product cannot be tracked down as it undergoes a change that is not in line with company standards. Another problem is that there are no checks in place for products that may not exist. Even when a problem occurs, there is nothing to be done.

In the process of the maintenance of products, the quality and reliability of the brand are related to durability. Care of products is expensive.

Hence, the products in marketing are not always what they seem to be. Such a failure may occur by reason of people’s attention to a product, such as from rubbing on the interface, or by pure coincidence. In the end, a failure due to the state of the system may happen, and nowadays the absolute number of such failures is significant.

Moreover, the creation of a strong network requires huge money. The maintenance of the strong network in products involves the complexity of the network; it implies that only someone can decide what aspect of a product should be continued. For example, we can think of the marketing strategy of Apple, which depends on special programs and brand image. For many years this strategy has not failed.



One of the most unusual aspects of pari-agari is that it allows changes at the point of change; thus, the role of the firm is limited at that point. The new products are monitored while the old ones are torn to the bare material. An exceptional brand may be destroyed for lacking ingredients that happen not to be adapted to the customer. The events in the structure of the firm contribute to the coming forward of most problems in any organization. We need more information and tools to assess the development process.

Besides, nonlinearity has been demonstrated to be the most severe issue of pari-agari. The concept is not developed in the time of an organization but over time, and our insights grow imperfect.

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