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A simple, high-tech, machine approaches the upper surface of your bloodstream and uses an ultrasonic probe to pinpoint the needle in your groin. Before your vein has been injected, an ECG-like soft probe is inserted into the vein by way of what amounts to a needle-eye. This probes the vein with the needle capable of penetrating any area of your groin if you can’t hold it in place. Depending on whether or not you have a septum the system will inject the needle straight into the vein.

The needles infuse a special dye into the vein and then an ECG-like probe is inserted into the vein using the needle through your skin. Once an ECG-like probe is inserted into the vein, it is moved over the needle and so it goes straight into the vein.

If you want to give a random sample to be compared with the actual blood samples of the virus, the system has several different decision steps the most critical of which include the A (electronic procedure) and B (battery operated) steps. A sample is placed in the system and the A and B steps are all performed successfully and every time the steps work, the amount of the virus particles are reduced which is to be expected because that is how the technology was tested.

However, whenever one is incorrect, the correct procedure (the battery-operated step), is then used. The number of viral particles is found in the test.

At this point, the system will calibrate and a 100mL is injected into your body. It will then output the results of the test to a scanner which will identify the virus particles present. This is what determines if the virus is present and how much is present which then leads to the true diagnosis.

I’ll admit that this is a giant undertaking and a lot of time and money. Fortunately, the American Cancer Society estimates that every single person over the age of 19 will be impacted by cancer at least once in their lifetime. While many of those people will die from it, I will never for a second discount that 3 out of 100 will find out that they’re diagnosed with it after spending a lifetime talking in a booth, so there’s that.

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