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In a career spanning over twenty years and spanning four different countries, Harley-Davidson Asia Pacific president Arnold Kerner has held leadership positions in the company’s sales, marketing, and corporate functions in response to various business and market conditions.

On September 20, Harley-Davidson Australia officially announced the departure of a senior executive in the country. Harley-Davidson Australia and New Zealand senior vice president of sales and marketing Shaun Pary said in a release that if Pari’s departure is confirmed as mandatory, he will step down as of January 1, 2021.

For now, the position will be split across up to three executives, however, they will rotate the roles between one another, which would leave Pary at a senior-level spot.

“Pari’s role as senior vice president of sales and marketing is one that the rest of us are familiar with,” he said in a press release. “I’m looking forward to having Shaun, Rory and Laura work through sales operations at the current level of volumes to keep us on track to achieve a consolidated market share above five percent while 2020 is played out.

“I wish Pravin luck in his new role. Harley-Davidson was fortunate to gain extensive experience in Pravin’s business from my time in the US, and I will greatly miss him as a co-partner.”

Pari joined Harley-Davidson during the company’s acquisition of the American brand, The Marinos, in 1997.

The Sydney Morning Herald confirmed Tuesday that Harley-Davidson had informed the Federal Court that it planned to suspend current retail permits. According to the company, it would “radically change” the existing Manhatten and Sydney store locations and had initiated applications to have the existing facilities shut down without refreshment.

The company said it would use the places that it owns in the Sydney CBD, for its Canberra and Auckland stores. It is unclear if Pravin will make the changes.

The Australian brand’s board said it had taken account of the takeover of Australia by the union movement.

A petition has been launched by the union representing forklift drivers, which said in a statement that Harley-Davidson’s decision “opened the door for the union to put forward a motion for workers’ rights to be enshrined and protect workplace conditions”.

Pari is a veteran in the field, having worked extensively in the hospitality industry, first with the University of New South Wales, then roles with The National Office for Australian Tourism, Habshan Railway, and FairLeasings.

In 2018 he was appointed to oversee the company’s women’s engineering program and had been on Harley-Davidson’s regional leadership team for a year.

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